Kate Ivey at Aoraki Mount Cook

Long, sunny days are just around the corner – we can’t wait! But for many, getting out and finding the time to get fit and healthy in time for the summer can be tricky. Not everyone has the time or availability to join a gym, or embark on a supported journey.

That’s why New World has teamed up with online fitness trainer Kate Ivey from DediKate to provide busy working shoppers with a free boost to help them get healthier in time for summer – and you can do it from the comfort of your own living room.

From September 16th until October 13th, Kate is joining with New World and Lorna Jane activewear to provide a nationwide ‘Get Ready for Summer’ campaign. This online programme is designed especially for busy people who want to look after themselves more.

Kate knows how hard it can be for women to give themselves a break and put themselves first. Like many others, the busy mum of three struggled to cram in time to exercise, prepare healthier food and find a positive work and home life balance.

“The feeling of being torn between responsibilities and wanting to throw in the towel – it’s hard to find a way of looking after yourself that suits you. You can’t be your best, survive heartache or cope with loneliness if you aren’t in good shape,” says Kate, who lives on a remote farm near Mount Cook, making it difficult for her to join a nearby gym, or even pop next door for a coffee. “DediKate is an online health and fitness community and app, which works for women because it helps women make healthy changes a part of their lives that are both efficient and effective, as opposed to a short-term fix.”

Kate’s ‘Get Ready for Summer’ campaign with New World consists of classes for people of all shapes and sizes, at all fitness levels. Workouts range from 15-40 minutes, and include low-impact workouts for everyone, including for women post-birth or injury, or people who are just starting out. Exercise classes include HIIT, resistance workouts using a swiss ball and dumbbells, resistance band workouts and running workouts. “With online classes, everyone can find their own level; Get Ready for Summer focuses on having fun, being healthy and active and being realistic about your life,” says Kate.

“At New World we are always trying to find ways of helping our customers make healthier choices that work for the long term,” says Claire Hawkins, from New World. “That’s why we’re working with DediKate; it’s about working towards realistic goals that will make it easier for everyone to do what they need to do to feel amazing this summer.”

The DediKate programme kicks off on September 16th, and is open to New Zealanders of all ages and stages who are keen to feel healthier and stronger as we head into summer. New World customers can access a free two-week trial at www.newworld.co.nz/getsummerreadysignup . DediKate is open to women (and men) of all ages and stages who’d like to feel healthier and stronger.


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