From Heartland’s Farm To You

11 May, 2018 by
FMCG Business

The Quintessential Kiwi Chip

The story of Heartland Chips is about as Kiwi as it gets – a Kiwi farm, a family of Kiwi farmers, and a range of chips that often arrive on the supermarket shelves the very same day as the potatoes they’re made from were prised from the ground.


Mmmm…Maple Bacon!

New Zealanders love chips. And they looove bacon! So the good folk at Heartland decided to combine the two. The result is the Maple Bacon flavoured chip, the taste sensation that has struck a chord with Kiwi chip lovers right around the country. With the smokey tang of bacon, the sweet tones of maple and the classic crunch of their Old Fashioned Wave Cut Chips, it’s little wonder that Heartland’s latest creation has been flying off the shelves.

Crunch for a cause

Every year, more than 2,500 New Zealand women are diagnosed with breast cancer. In a bid to help lower these figures, Heartland have created special pink packaging for their ever-popular Southern Salt chips.

To promote awareness and support research, they’ll be donating a portion of all sales of these limited edition bags to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. That means every time someone crunches into a Heartland chip from one of these distinctive pink packs they’ll be doing their bit for Kiwi women.

They’re gluten free!

To call the Bowans – the South Canterbury family who founded Heartland Chips – ‘hands-on operators’ would be an understatement. They do everything from growing the potatoes to processing, packaging and distributing their chips throughout New Zealand.

As a result, they can control everything that goes into their chips. And, more to the point, they can control what doesn’t go into their chips. They refuse to use Palm Oil, and go to great lengths to ensure each and every bag of chips that leaves their factory is gluten free.

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