Countdown’s General Manager Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability, Kiri Hannifin

Countdown has temporarily changed its opening hours nationwide and introduced limits on products that are in high demand, to help ease pressure on its store teams as the country responds to changes in COVID-19 Alert Levels. The company’s Priority Assistance online shopping service for vulnerable customers has also been reinstated.

Countdown’s General Manager Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability, Kiri Hannifin, says Countdown is in a very good position to navigate the alert level changes and customers should feel safe in its stores.

“Our previous lockdown experience has stood us in good stead. We know that our processes are robust, our supply chain is strong, we can keep Kiwis safe, and we have plenty of food for everyone.  We hope this provides Kiwis with reassurance that together, we can deal with different lockdown scenarios again.

“We’d urge customers to consider others when they are shopping in our stores. Whether that’s physically distancing themselves from other shoppers, making sure they’re only buying what they need, and of course being kind to our team and fellow customers,” says Hannfin.

Countdown has introduced the following:

Store hours:

All Countdown stores throughout New Zealand will close at 9pm until further notice.

Product limits:

Limits are in place for a number of products that were particularly impacted when the country went into lockdown in March. From today there is a limit of three on the following categories:

•             Flour

•             Rice

•             Dry Pasta

•             Canned Baked Beans and Spaghetti

•             UHT Milk

•             Frozen Vegetables

•             Toilet Paper

•             Paper Towel

•             Personal Wash

•             Hand Sanitiser

•             Paracetamol

•             Household Cleaner

•             Period Products

•             Baby Formula

A limit of six has been put on wine and beer and a limit of one pack per customer has been put on all mask products.

Priority Assistance online shopping service

As with March and April, Countdown has seen significant volume to its online shopping sites. “To help make sure we can get groceries to those New Zealanders who are unable visit their local store and considered at risk from COVID-19, we have re-started our Priority Assistance service,” says Hannifin.

Customers who were previously approved for this service will already automatically have access to priority online delivery slots. New customers may also be able to apply for Priority Assistance.

Countdown has also launched its Countdown Pharmacy online service to ensure people who need to stay home during Level 3 are still able to access key pharmacy products including vitamins, pain relief and other health essentials. Online Pharmacy can be found here

Albert Street Metro store temporary closure:

Hannifin says: “Online shopping orders have increased significantly, so to help service this demand in Auckland particularly, and keep our stores stocked and running smoothly, we are temporarily closing our Metro store to allow team to support other stores in the area.”

Customers who typically shop at Albert Street Metro will need to shop from another local store.

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