Celebrity Chef Michael Van de Elzen.

The Christchurch Food Show has just wrapped up, with some of the Celebrity Chefs at the event sharing their predictions on what will be trending in food this year. A focus on healthy, sustainable eating is common ground, with all of the Chefs suggesting trends that will nourish and take us back to the basics of cooking and eating whole foods.

Michael Van de Elzen stressed: “Health foods and non-processed foods are here to stay.” He has been experimenting a lot with sorghum, a grass species cultivated for its grain that is a powerhouse food in terms of nutrition.

If people thought the juice trend was phasing out, according to Annabelle White they are wrong. She claims in 2017 “juices will get bigger and we will see more raw food and healthy options”.

Meanwhile, Annabel Langbein says, “people are becoming increasingly interested in the provenance of their food and knowing it has been produced ethically and sustainably. More and more people are keen to eat local fresh food that is in season and to cut down on waste.”

Langbein also addressed another global health trend saying, “the trend to reduce sugar is on the rise too, but I am inclined to think just eating less processed food and cutting out fizzy drinks will address this.”

But it’s not all about wheatgrass and watercress – Langbein says home baking is coming back into fashion. “Baking is growing in popularity – the simple pleasure of home baking is a good counter to all the uncertainty and change in the world.”

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