Cancer Society appoints PAVÉ to represent sunscreens

03 May, 2019 by
FMCG Business
Chris Wong, PAVÉ Managing Director

PAVÉ Ltd has been appointed to represent The Cancer Society of New Zealand sunscreen products nationally, by its commercial arm Daffodil Enterprises Ltd. The Cancer Society is the #2 Brand in the Sunscreen category and has been delivering high quality products to protect New Zealanders since 1997.

Fiona Mawley, General Manager of Daffodil Enterprises commented “We were impressed by the highly professional, collaborative approach PAVÉ offers, combined with refreshing transparency and rapid access to detailed information”.


PAVÉ is proud to be entrusted with the care of an iconic brand that does so much to support kiwis battling cancer. Chris Wong, PAVÉ Managing Director stated that “On average well over a dollar for each unit sold goes to the Cancer Society to help people affected by cancer and to support cancer research. We’re thrilled to contribute to this effort”.

The Cancer Society range can now be ordered from PAVÉ Ltd. For more information please call 09 903 0927 or visit