Camelccino – the next craze?

03 September, 2018 by
FMCG Business

Did you know that Camel milk is starting to trend in some parts of the world?

In Eastern Africa for example, climate change has helped fuel the milk’s rise; as droughts become more common, farmers switch out cows for camels, who can famously survive for months without water. If you visit cafés in Nairobi you’ll very likely see “camelccinos” on the menu.


Health-conscious consumers in the US can’t get enough of alternative milks and they also contribute to the new craze. The creamy camel milk beverage (which retails for upwards of US$18 a pint in natural foods markets) is free of whey proteins that cause lactose intolerance, is higher in iron and vitamin C than cow’s milk, and naturally lower in fat.

It seems that Camel milk is not only a superfood – it could well be one of the more surprising answers to climate change.