We all know shoppers are looking for quick and convenient meal ideas that don’t require time-consuming prep or complicated recipes. This is where Raptor Naturals Herb & Spice Rubs step in to help with the “What’s for dinner?” stress. From finnicky foodies to fussy flexitarians they’ve got everyone covered with 10 unique blends to please grownups and kids of all ages. It only takes a few minutes to add that missing magic on the family favourites to get the ‘mmm, that’s so good’ seal of approval.

Since 2005, thousands of kiwi fans have been sprinkling the Raptor deliciousness over their breakfast, lunch and dinners and, just in time for summer, are two brand new flavours that are sure to impress. ‘Handle The Jandal’ is Kiwi-as, bursting with rich, smoky chipotle and tenderising kiwifruit power, kawakawa and peppery horopito. Riding the recent wave of love for DIY fried chicken, ‘Lucky Kentucky’ is Raptor’s mouth-watering new, natural version of the classic (except there’s no secret ingredients in here because everything’s listed on the jar!)

With 100% natural, freshly ground ingredients and no hidden flavour enhancers, shoppers can feel confident they’re making a healthy choice at mealtimes. The Raptor Naturals range is all vegan and free from gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, sesame and nuts.  

Beautifully packaged in premium glass jars with eye-catching colours, your customers will be proud to have these in their pantry. Don’t miss out on the Limited Edition Kiwiana summer Gift Boxes!

For your free samples contact hello@raptornaturals.co.nz or call 0800 116 115 

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