Beech Forest Honey (also known as honeydew) comes from the beech forests of New Zealand. Made in a process that involves beech tree sap, aphids and ultimately bees, the final product is uniquely different from regular honey made from the nectar of flowers.

Beech Forest Honey is highly prized in Europe and New Zealand Beech Forest Honey is gaining popularity in the export market, but is still a relative unknown locally, due to it living in the shadows of Mānuka.


Our Manuka Doctor Beech Forest Honeydew is harvested from beech forests located near the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand. It is one of the most unique and intriguingly exotic kinds of honey in the world. It has a distinct, earthy aroma with a much milder flavour with notable undertones of vanilla. Beech Forest Honeydew makes an excellent sweetener for natural yogurt or paired with cheese.


We design our product range to fit our philosophy – unique and natural as nature intended. At Manuka Doctor we believe wellbeing is best achieved naturally. Making the most of what

nature gives us, working with it to keep it as it should be.

With a wealth of New Zealand origin plant species to draw on, Manuka Doctor puts nature first. Due to its geographical isolation and island biogeography, New Zealand developed a distinctive biodiversity of plant life.


With a long history in beekeeping, Manuka Doctor’s honey products are as unique and natural as the land they come from. A testament to our philosophy – nature’s best from New Zealand. Manuka Doctor focuses on providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy a premium natural product from a brand that’s trusted. Our beekeepers place thousands of beehives all over New Zealand to collect high quality Manuka Honey, bringing the raw honey into our purpose-built factory to pack consumer ready pots.


Manuka Doctor operates a privately owned, fully integrated model – from hive to home.

Full vertical integration guarantees quality Honey in every pot. From the land, beehives and beekeepers, to the extraction and packing facilities through to exporting, Manuka Doctor owns and manages every step of the process. Thus, ensuring the integrity of our New Zealand Manuka Honey through a fully traceable supply chain. Manuka Doctor is a proven, established brand that is the expert authority in New Zealand Manuka Honey.

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